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What Is The QBI Deduction?

We're all new to the TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act), so I'm sure you have questions. Here's an easy Q&A to help you understand the basics of what the QBI deduction is and how it will affect you. The QBI Deduction (Qualified Business Income), is a deduction for...

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Choosing an Entity or Business Structure

BUSINESS ENTITIES AND STRUCTURES An important issue facing all new businesses is choosing the proper business entity type or structure, a decision that impacts tax reporting requirements and liabilities. In learning about and choosing the proper business entity, you...

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How to Build Your Credit Faster!

How to Build Your Credit Faster And Improve Your Score in 30 days! Have you tried to get a credit card without any credit? Do you have credit but need to raise it quickly for an important purchase? What about a new employer that wants to check your scores? How do you...

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How To Start A Franchise

Are you interested in growing your business while minimizing risk and responsibility? Franchising your business may be the solution. Referring to an arrangement in which a business affords one or more parties the right to operate using its brand and name, franchises...

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